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Color is my day-long obsession, joy, and torment.
- Claude Monet

Colors for us, is a language which when spoken, stirs emotions in you.mandala Colors bring joy, mental peace, and a refreshing sensation. Store Indus brings to you, colors of the Eastern traditions, history, and lifestyle. We want to be that pop of color in a black and white world, which tingles your emotions pleasantly and brings you all the admiration from those around you. We want to redefine everyday wearable, bedding, and accessories by creating designs which speak measures about the uniqueness of the Eastern lifestyle, and at the same time makes you trendy.
Our Story began wittruckh our continuous search for unique, colorful designs which could transform the dull and colorless interiors and wearable. We were inspired by the colors of Eastern culture and how they have such a variation and are pleasing to the eye. We can find many examples where Eastern culture is depicted in Western movies, music videos and dramas etc.,. It stands out because of its vibrancy and diversity of color. But, when we looked up anywhere online for wearable and household items for the same patterns, color and design, we failed to find any. This motivated us to bring out the best of Eastern designs and merge them with the Western trends, our designs are aimed to set a new trend of this beautiful fusion where the East meets the West.
Store Indus aims at facilitating a lifestyle which ispattern chic and stands out; we bring briskness of Eastern bright, unique designs to your home and wardrobe. Finding bland, monotonous apparel and household items is easy, but finding a unique style with an amalgam of vogue, tradition and vitality is challenging. Store Indus intends to fulfill these needs. The Eastern way of life is incomplete without bright, bold colors and patterns. These patterns depict how we look at life and our products will trigger that gist of life where you will have a pleasant, joyful, and a soothing response when you will use them.